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Welcome to Security Guard Training USA. We’ve created our online resource to give you everything that you need to make it easier to become a security guard officer. Given the high demand, your chances of getting a job and becoming a security guard are extremely high.It’s worth noting that security guard training requirements is different for each state, so we’ve created dedicated pages for your state below so you can read both the armed and unarmed security guard training requirements so you can quickly get started.


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What Is A Security Guard?

A security guard (also known as security officer or protective agent) is someone who is paid to protect people, places, property or assets. As such, a security officer’s duty is an extremely important one and is why the protection services industry is one of the most popular areas for job seekers today.

They do this by being extremely visible to deter inappropriate or illegal actions, observe for issues and then taking action to minimize the damage as well as, reporting incidents to their client and emergency services where appropriate.

Security guards are usually uniformed and are governed by legal regulations – these vary by state so make sure you check your states requirement above. Security officers are hired by organizations, businesses, government departments, agencies and not-for-profits and it’s estimated that there are more than 1 Million contract security guards within the United States which is larger than the number of law enforcement officers in the United States (estimated to be 700k).

Additionally if weapons are carried, additional permits and training is usually required. Armed security guards are generally employed to protect sensitive sites, money transports, casinos, banks and nuclear power plants.

Armed Security Guard Training

We’ve created a dedicated armed security guard training section of the site which provides more details and information around this although, in a nutshell armed security is more intensive and is harder to pass.

Training and examinations will always include practice on the firing range with weapons typically being supplied by the training company and/or firing range. Additionally, basic knowledge of weapons handling, safety and when you can and cannot legally used a weapon will be learned during your training course.

After you have completed your training and passed the examinations, you will discover that more security positions are available to you (e.g. they’ve historically required some type of firearms permit etc) and these are generally hire paying jobs too.

Online Security Guard Training

A lot of jurisdictions now allow you to take security guard training online however; these are typically the most basic, entry-level courses. However, they are a convenient way to pass the exam and get a license for you to then begin your role.

It is important that you check by state on these requirements as sometimes online courses are not accepted. You should look at your state’s guidelines – which we’ve put links to above – so you can see if they are accepted. Additionally, we always recommend that you make sure that the online security guard training you do is state-certified so it gives you what you need to begin your career as a guard/officer.

Security Guard Job Description

Like all jobs, the job description for a security guard will vary depending on the position that you are applying for. For instance, unarmed guards will have different sets of roles and responsibilities to an armed guard (a person who carries a firearm on duty) and some guards may be on patrol and others stationary.

We’ve created more information about the security guard job description but generally:

  • Identify and prevent situations that have a level of risk
  • Decrease criminal activity
  • Communicate and assist law enforcement
  • Assist people during emergency situations if they arise

Security Guard License

As we’ve mentioned a few times above, the requirement to become a security guard does vary by state. Some states require that you get a license before you can look for a job as a security guard and there are other states that don’t even require a license at all.

We recommend using the links to the state guides above to see if you need a license before seeking a job as a security guard.