California Armed Security Guard Training & License Requirements

In California, you must have a licensed to become an armed security guard by completing a firearm permit. The course must be taught by a Bureau-certified training instructor at a bureau-certified training facility and you will complete a written and range exam at the end of your course.

As part of becoming a security guard in California you can apply for your registration and firearm permit at the same time for $219.


Basic Requirements of Armed Security Guards / Security Officers in California:

In order to get your firearms permit in California, you need to be a United States citizen or have permanent legal alien status. Have passed 14 hours of training of carrying and using firearms, and submit a firearm permit application.

The application must include your Security Guard Registration and a $38 Firearm Eligibility application, $32 DOJ fingerprint processing fee and $19 FBI fingerprint processing fee must be paid at the Live Scan site.

Firearm Training In California

Your firearm training course is based on 8 hours in the classroom and 6 hours on the firing range and covers:

  • Weapons Handling and Shooting Fundamentals
  • Firearms Terminology
  • Legal and Moral Aspects
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Range Training

For more information and for our reference see: Security Guard Fact Sheet – Bureau of Security and Investigative Services