Arizona Security Guard Training & License Requirements

For an unarmed security guard in Arizona, you do not need security guard training before applying. However, should you be offered a role then you may require a license and need to complete an 8 hour pre-assignment course.If you need a license depending on where the job is and what it entails – if you are working for a security guard agency that pays you to provide services to others than you do need a license. However, you do not need one if you are being paid directly by the company to be their own security guard.

Requirements of Alabama Security Guards / Security Officers:

If you require a license (i.e. you are not being paid directly by the company) then you are not allowed to wear security guard uniform until you get a license from the Arizona Department of Public Safety-Licensing Unit.

In order to get your license you need to:

  • Be offered a role by a Department of Public Safety Licensed Security Guard Agency. You can find the form here:
  • Complete and sign part B of the application form
  • Submit fingerprints for a criminal history check
  • Submit a color photo of your face
  • Complete the 8 hour pre-assignment training course
  • Submit your training verification which has been signed and dated by the agency

In addition to this you need to pay $74 to The Arizona Department of Public Safety – the fee is broken down into two areas – $50 licensing fee and a $24 fingerprint processing fee.

Arizona Security Guard Training Program:

As part of your 8 hour pre-assignment training program you will cover the following:

  • Emergency Response Procedures
  • Criminal Law & Arrest Laws
  • General Security Guard Procedures
  • Crime Scene Preservation and First Response
  • Communication
  • Use of Force
  • Ethics
  • Uniform and Grooming

Once your training has been completed, the agency (the one you are working for) needs to complete the security guard training and verification form as mentioned above. Please see our guide on armed security guard training and requirements in Arizona guide if you’re interested in becoming an armed guard.